GoSports™ LED Disc - Outshining the competition!

The GoSports LED Disc is the brightest LED disc available. Other companies use just 1 LED, but we use 4. The 4 LEDs make sure you can see the disc during dusk hours unlike the other discs that don't start showing up until it is pitch black. Each disc includes 2 CR 2032 (3 volt) batteries that will power the disc for well over 12 hours of continuous use.  The disc is standard size (10.5"), weighs 175 grams and flies like any normal disc. The disc can be used like any regular disc during the day and then just push the button to power on the LEDs and continue having fun into the night. 


GoSports LED Flying Disc with 4 LEDs, Blue, 175gm
P&P Imports, LLC [SPORTS]

Neon Ladder Toss Game at an Unbeatable Price

The GoSports Standard Ladder Toss game was designed to provide all the fun of Ladder Toss at an economical price. This game is made of robust 1.5mm PVC tubing, which is thinner than our 2.5mm premium set, but it is 50% thicker than the competition's economy sets. This set includes 6 rubber bolos which are great for indoor or outdoor use and younger players. The Bolos are also connected using thick rope to limit tangles unlike other cheap bolo's thin rope that quickly turn into a tangled nightmare. We also glue the connectors onto the PVC pipe so the game comes in as few pieces as possible, making setup lightning quick. Again, compare this to our competitor's economy sets that arrive with a bag full of countless parts and vague assembly directions that turn fun into frustration. The game also includes a convenient backpack style carrying case so you can take them game anywhere. If you are looking for a premium Ladder Toss that is made without compromise, you can buy the GoSports Premium Ladder Toss Game, but if you are looking to have some casual fun at a great price, this is the set for you. That said, this GoSports Standard set is built well beyond the quality of any other economy ladder toss set. 

Enjoy the last month of Summer with GoPong's Party Barge™!

The Pool Pong Party Barge is the first and only floating beer pong table to include a built-in cooler so ice-cold drinks are always within reach. The 6ft x 3ft table includes 10 cup triangles on each end for full size pool pong play. Each side of the raft is also lined with 4 cup holders for social floating, so you and friends can float and socialize around the table between pong games. The central cooler can hold up to 18 cans with ice. The Party Barge can also be used as a floating tanning lounge if you're ever able to get it all to yourself. The Party Barge includes 6 pong balls (cups not included) and is retail packaged. 

3 Hole CornHole Washer Toss Tailgate Game

New to P&P Imports, the GoPong 3 Hole Bag Toss/Washer Toss tailgate game combines two of the most popular games into 1 compact design. Each game board can be reversed in seconds, with one side having a slick vinyl for CornHole and the reverse side having a padded felt for Washers. The set includes 6 Bean Bags for CornHole and 6 Washers for Washer Toss. Each board has 3 scoring holes, with the large front hole worth 1 point, the medium size middle hole worth 2 points and the small rear hole worth 3 points. Each scoring hole is equipped with netting to insure accurate scoring. The boards are made from durable MDF and the support legs can be inserted and removed easily to switch between games, or disassemble for storage. The Bean Bags are made using duck cloth with all weather fill and the washers are plastic coated steel. This is a great versatile game for hours of fun with family and friends.