GoSports™ LED Disc - Outshining the competition!

The GoSports LED Disc is the brightest LED disc available. Other companies use just 1 LED, but we use 4. The 4 LEDs make sure you can see the disc during dusk hours unlike the other discs that don't start showing up until it is pitch black. Each disc includes 2 CR 2032 (3 volt) batteries that will power the disc for well over 12 hours of continuous use.  The disc is standard size (10.5"), weighs 175 grams and flies like any normal disc. The disc can be used like any regular disc during the day and then just push the button to power on the LEDs and continue having fun into the night. 


GoSports LED Flying Disc with 4 LEDs, Blue, 175gm
P&P Imports, LLC [SPORTS]